Our goals

ALS support ltd’s goal is to provide a quality, bespoke care service to clients in the community and their own home, which is client led, inclusive, and underpinned with respect and dignity.

One to One support.

ALS Support ltd provides quality 1-1 support to clients either in their own home or in the community.

The support is tailored to each client to ensure their specific needs are met.

The staff members are extensively trained to ensure high quality support staff.

Continuity of support/care.

ALS support strive to ensure continuity of care, this is achieved by ensuring that each client has a small number of support staff, who regularly support them.

This helps to build relationships between staff/client and their family, ensure that needs are being met and the client is happy with their support package.



Support in the community.

ALS’s outreach service provides clients support in the community, centred around individual requirements.

The service is very popular with people who chose to live in their own homes or with parents, as it enables them to do everyday activities of their choice with support from highly trained and dedicated support staff.

Domestic support in the home.

ALS can provide a range of support in the clients own home, this may include general domestic/cleaning support, meal preparation, medication prompts etc, this again is client led.

Short breaks, overnight respite.

At ALS support ltd we also provide overnight short breaks respite to all our clients.

This service involves a trained member of staff staying i the home, normally overnight to give the parents/carers a well deserved break. Our staff member will take care of all aspects of support while parents and carers are away. This included all personal care, preparation of meals and transportation to and from any activity the person wishes to take part in.

This service can be used for as many nights as required. We will try and provide continuity of support to the client, but depending on the length of cover required 2 support workers may need to be used. We will only use support workers that are known to both the client and parent/carer.

Care package

The care package is made up of an initial assessment form, a consent form, risk assessments, manual handling assessments (if required), and a support worker.  Once all the paperwork is complete and a support worker has been introduced to a new client, the new support worker will be supervised by a senior member of ALS Support Ltd staff until they feel comfortable to undertake their duties on a one to one basis with the client.  Senior members of ALS Support Ltd will monitor each support package closely, and each
package will be reviewed every six months.


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